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Research undertaken by an international business school questioned leaders across the world about the one skill they wish they had known more about 10 years earlier in their career. The answer was surprising – they wish they had known more about themselves. Why not fast track and save some of those 10 years?

The power of this individual focus means that you will have the development that you want, suited to your unique circumstances.

You may require the development to cover areas such as:

• Business skills - managing, leading, strategy, business planning and more
• Stepping up into a new role
• Career guidance
• Career interviews
• Presentation and personal impact
• Life focus and establishing a sound work-life blend

Often, Insights Discovery is part of the journey, enabling you to gain a clear understanding of your own personal impact, learning style, the way you act and react. In many cases this is extended into Insights Deeper Discovery to explore your potential still further, and at an even deeper level.

The power of your own Profile is unique.

Your development will be supported with the right materials, developed specifically to help you gain rapid and lasting positive change.

The style of development can range from a blend of executive coaching right through to intensive one-on-one training. Whatever is required will be utilised to help you develop, and maximise your performance. You are unique, so you need to be respected as an individual, yet challenged where required.


“…thank you very much for the personal support, coaching and encouragement you have given to me as HR Director, this has helped me enormously…”


All too often to the casual eye a team may seem to be ‘okay’, but under the surface people feel as if they are treading on eggshells. The noisy ones take control, the quiet ones keep quiet – their contribution lost.

This frequently gets worse after a reorganisation or merger, yet everyone smiles and struggles on.

There is a way to shortcut the dip in the change curve and reduce the inevitable loss of money and performance this usually causes. Good teamwork is about relationships. Each team member understanding their role, their contribution, feeling valued and helping the team succeed.

When relationships are respectful, challenge is positive, differences discussed, everyone is valued, the sky’s the limit!

Insights Discovery and Deeper Discovery are used by premium brands the world over, and provide a powerful way of helping you to develop high performing teams and organisations. Other approaches can be used too, or blended with Discovery – all facilitated by people with expertise in creating excellence.

A small selection of the benefits developed helping you and your team are:

• Discovering how to adapt and connect with others enabling high value work.

• Delivering results faster - immediately putting theory into practice.

• Rapid communication improvement and managers who inspire.

• ‘Unblocking’ situations of possible conflict between colleagues.

• Identifying if you are ‘missing something’ in your team or business.

Workshop sessions are led in relaxed, purposeful style bringing you a change in performance straight away. Sounds too good to be true? At least you will stand out from the competition!

Comment: ‘I have to admit if we had done what you had recommended we wouldn’t have lost over £300,000 in fees, and the team would have been happier.” Law practice partner.


You have good people that you value, but you know that the business has greater potential that is not being realised.

It may be the management skills that need sharpening up. It could be that leadership ought to be developed still further. Perhaps the sales or influencing skillset is in need of a refresh.

All of these areas can be covered – Insights Discovery can play a valuable part. Especially if this has also been used in individual and team development.

Or it may be that the your organisation needs a good external review, using powerful consulting skills that will empower you to take a good look and see where refocusing is needed.

Few organisations really understand their strategic advantage – this is where you can gain real clarity on your purpose. Real clarity on where you can excel. Real clarity on getting the most from your people and for those you serve.

This can be achieved utilising an immersion or modular approach, designed for you to develop effective leaders, effective managers and an effective organisation.

Everything you do will:

• Build on previous best.

• Introduce powerful skills that will underpin and transform leadership.

• Introduce models and approaches required by managers.

• Focus on your future. The learning will be engaging, rigorous, utilise clear materials with everything transferable back to the workplace straight away.

Testimonial: “I, and several of my team, have had the benefit of attending your Management Development Programme. This was the most informative management course that I have attended in …35 years…..” Head of department.

“The end result was a positive immediate cashflow impact of £2.1m and profit growth of nearly £800k in a matter of months.” CEO


It is a rare organisation that is prepared to step out of the ordinary and embrace the opportunity to create development for the people of their organisation. Development that focuses on a blend for individual, team and business – drawn and facilitated from some of the extremes of analytical and abstract.

It is also rare where there is openness to ‘experiment’ with new ways that may be far beyond the usual ‘comfort zone’. But the most impactful development is usually in the ‘stretch zone’.

You know if you are playing small and want to be challenged and made to feel a little uncomfortable….and yet excited by what may happen.

“The power …… is to open up ‘real conversations’. Conversations that unlock potential and can create a powerful vision and team bond in driving an organisation forward. All too frequently teams are either stuck, or are playing too small in their ideas.” UK Values Alliance

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