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The secret power of green

For many weeks now I have been walking past an area of ground that has been sown with seeds to encourage wild flowers; especially flowers that will attract insects. It has been a joy to see the growth as the vegetation started to become denser, started to gain height, and then started to come into flower. Initially, the showing of flowers was limited, almost ‘shy’ to surface and be seen. Then all of a sudden there was a burst of growth and the flowers became prolific – such a joy to see.
Each time I passed I would stop and investigate what was new, marvelling at the mixture of colour. The overall ‘look’ of the area changing as different species came into bloom. I am sure there are more treats in store, I am sure the palette of colour will change too.
Soon, smaller insects were visiting, certainly less noticeable than the bees which have been so much discussed this past year. I am sure the bees will appear once their favourite food is on the menu.
The reason I took this picture was the intensity of the orange colours. Yes, different shades but the depth in the petals is so strong. Orange is the Insights Discovery colour for the Motivator, where the two lead colours are either fiery red or sunshine yellow. As we may well remember from our original school art classes, the mixing of red and yellow makes orange, the shade influenced by the amount of the yellow or red added.
Looking again at the picture I had forgotten how lush the green foliage was, strong and dense, yet happy to provide a background for the vibrancy of the orange. Almost ignored, yet playing a powerful part in the overall picture. How dull and less interesting the picture would be if just bare soil were visible beyond the petals – indeed the picture would be far less dramatic and rich.
As I wandered on my way it got me thinking about the roles that people play in life. Some do provide the motivation for doing things, making us smile, making us feel energised in the moment. Just the way I felt when I saw the flowers in their bright orange glory.

  • So, who do you motivate?
  • Who motivates you?

You don’t need to lead with the motivator orange to do this – you can do this in your own unique way.
Importantly, all too soon the orange petals will fall, their job done.

  • So how quickly do you stay motivated by others?
  • For how long do you continue to motivate others?

In spite of the colour, the green foliage plays a hugely important role, a role that is steadfast and constant. It remains when the other colours have long since faded away – yet all too often the green is overlooked, certainly when the brighter colours abound.
Now this was a really valuable reminder. In Insights Discovery the people who lead with Earth Green colour energy, too, can be overlooked.

Perhaps it may well be worth considering: Who is getting the work done, remaining strong and steadfast and constant long after those with the more visible colours have faded away?

Now there's a thought!

When next I pass this wildflower area, I will pay a little more attention to what is happening with the green foliage.  I am sure that it will be still developing, still growing, still remaining steadfast.
My best wishes,