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The power of colour...

The amazing colours in this picture herald the awakening of a new year for the storehouse of nature, in a highly visible way.

I was passing this field and could not help but stop and admire the wonderful colour contrasted against the blue sky. The impact not possible to convey through mere words or picture is the heavy scent in the air; perhaps a little pungent, almost astringent, heady certainly. The day was warm so the feeling of the sun and temperature is also not possible to create. Yet here I was, looking at this wonderful sight, and experiencing the sensory attack.

As I stood for a while the scene reminded me of the Insights Discovery colours of yellow and blue, or more correctly – sunshine yellow, and the opposite colour energy of cool blue. These are two of the four colours I have become so accustomed to discussing, and using, when helping to create high performing people, teams and businesses.

The colours can be in harmony, or they can create contrast; and at worst anything but harmony.

With the Insights colours, which are an integral part of the language of Discovery, there is a clear meaning – each colour having attributes, which carry strengths, if appreciated by others.

All too often when I am working with people, and especially teams, I can see straight away that they are causing each other grief because they are not playing to strengths…anything but! Too often we live in a world where we expect others to conform to our ways, little realising that our way may be wrong. Or at best unhelpful – yet we continue to do this.


I would liken it to the field – the dominant visible colour is yellow so anything else does not ‘fit’. The sky is above and blue, and whilst it gives contrast, it is not part of the field. Only yellow is accepted.

This is a field; in our lives a mixture of different ‘colours’ may bring a little confusion but it does create a greater, richer pattern. In fact most of the time this pattern is welcomed and celebrated, the one colour seemingly, and becoming monotone after a while.

As I walked on, I was thinking about the wonder of this yellow field, yet also aware that if that was all I could see I would get very bored, and quickly. The contrasting colour of the sky was magical. Even the green of the trees, and hedges. Yet why in our relationships, business or otherwise, do we so often depreciate contrast?

We need to celebrate the opposite colours around us, even if they may make us feel uncomfortable. Because, isn’t that where real growth happens, outside of the comfort zone?

What to know more?...simply get in touch. I can assure you our communication will be colourful!

My best wishes,