Peter Johnson & PiM

Insights Discovery & Deeper Discovery Licensed Practitioners

Take A Dive, Make A Deeper Discovery

Leading a business can be a daunting and lonely challenge - often it can be helpful to bring in someone to provide a fresh perspective. There is never the perfect time, so why not now?

After studying in Switzerland, Peter earnt the title of ‘Pioneer’ from peers across the world when he became the 1st Practitioner qualified in Insights Deeper Discovery; a specialist approach that delves into the psychology of leadership, to create high performing people and businesses.

He has a strong belief that everyone has potential that just needs the right material, the right moment, and the right help to unleash. A favoured quotation is:

‘The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we can become.”

Sadly too many people, and too many businesses, leave their music silent rather than let it be heard.

His powerful approaches help build effective teams, powerful plans, clear goals and encourages businesses to thrive on the challenges presented by change, and even merger. Often helping businesses that seem to have got ‘stuck’.

A useful start to ‘step-up’ is to ask yourself the following questions:

·      Do you have a vision for your business and clear goals?

·      Do your leaders and managers have a consistent message?

·      Do your people understand and respect each other playing to strengths?

·      Do you invest in developing your people, or see it as a luxury?

·      Is communication in your business effective; and to you customers, is it clear?

·      Do you know the strategic advantage your business has?

If you have not yet experienced Insights Discovery you may find that it becomes the tipping point for you and your business - moving you forward in a way that you had not expected.

Insights Discovery has so much to offer - if you are after a profound next step, there is Insights Deeper Discovery, some of the materials you can see in the picture.

Is now a good time create space and stand out from the crowd?

If yes, do get in touch.