Peter Johnson & PiM

Insights Discovery & Deeper Discovery Licensed Practitioners

Someone sneezed...

Someone sneezed and the world changed.

The world battles COVID-19 - a huge number of people are working tirelessly providing service to others. An enormous well done and thank you!

They span the obvious ‘front line’ services; crucially let us not forget the people behind the scenes, where there are innumerable people keeping things going that we don't even notice, or think about, which are so essential at these testing times.

It struck me the way nature is still working as well; so there is some normality. The wonderful primroses in this picture are so vibrant in colour, so determined in their way to make their presence seen. As I noticed the vitality of these small flowers it brought a huge smile…and slowed me down for a short while in appreciation of these gifts, at these trying times.

Out of the turmoil there was some stability – a popular flower that made its way into my sight, so poignantly, as we adjust our lives for the coming weeks and longer, in what feels like the eye of a storm. The wind has started, wrecking much of what we take for granted – the roads are quiet, the streets empty, the shops, cafes and more closed, events cancelled, distancing even from our family and friends – we also know that the storm is not over, there is more turmoil to come.

The colour purple in Insights Discovery represents the Reformer part of the Wheel – where thinking is at the extreme. And that is what our experts are doing – thinking and working on logical solutions to this world problem. The science is paramount. The planning of service delivery everywhere critical. Even with the caring it is a case of what is the problem and what is the right action.

Yet in time feeling, empathy, sympathy will make its stand. The tension of Yin and Yang in the world providing balance, opportunity, renewal.

Just as the flowers of this primrose will fade, as the seasons change, we can hope that this virus will be controlled.

Only then all of the people working so tirelessly to provide service to others can recharge their depleted batteries.

Will we return to ‘normal’ as many hope for, have spoken about? A clear NO. The axis of our world has changed and it is up to us all to make sure that change does happen; we need to recalibrate, embrace and create what should be our new dawn of opportunity.

I will find time to think how I will recalibrate, embrace and create my new dawn of opportunity. I hope you do too.

However, please let the primrose flower again adding colour to our world – we make just appreciate it a little more next time.

Stay safe,