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So Where Do You Stand?

In the last article I was wondering whether you stand out from the crowd. Often this ‘crowd’ is the sector in which you operate. You are unique as are your people and your business – sometimes we have not yet worked out how this difference may have an impact in our market, our business and interpersonally.

How it could differentiate your business? How it could create your strategic advantage?

Using the power of Insights Discovery unlocks this knowledge. Helping clients to work out where there may be some ‘sticking’ point that is slowing things down. Some point of friction, that may not be seen, yet is creating heat in a situation that is not welcomed. Heat is energy, often wasted energy that could be put to effective and powerful use making the business more successful.

One of the key things I learn about most of the organisations I work with is they have great people who are keen to do their best. I have had the pleasure of seeing inside over a thousand businesses over the years. Each one different - each one has a heartbeat of its own.

The picture you see has a number of people standing on an Insights Deeper Discovery mat. A mat that has archetype as the agent of stability, or the agent for change. It is still underpinned by the wonderful work of Carl Jung. It provides the elegance of making a true discovery about ourselves, our team and our business.

Each person will lead with different types of behaviour, which they are most comfortable with. It is clear what they ‘stand for’. Others will stand in different places, and perhaps there are places where no one stands that could be an unseen ‘gap’.

The greatest performance usually comes from playing to our strengths. This often comes from where we are most comfortable, but it is not always the place where development happens.

Beyond the comfort zone is the stretch zone, and beyond the stretch zone is the panic zone.  So you may stand somewhere comfortable, but are you seeing where the stretch may be. Because it is beyond the comfort zone that the real excitement comes, the real feeling of developing. The real place of growth.

Now what could that growth do for you, your team, your business?

So if you are standing still and would like to visit the stretch zone do get in touch.

My best wishes,