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Simplicity stands out

The London taxi is frequently called a ‘black cab’ obviously due to their colour. Certainly, over the past many years, though, other colours have been seen across this capital city; often for the purpose of advertising. So the traditional taxi colour of London has been added to, with a wider palette, which adds a little extra character to the streets. But please, let us retain the tradition of black too.
I was travelling across London for a meeting, so depending on the distance, time of day, time I have, weather and amount of road congestion, each factor will have an impact on how I travel.
For distances within the main part of London I usually walk, or use a taxi. Today, I had a heavy bag and a reasonable distance to travel to a meeting, so I hailed a black cab…except it was white. No advertising and impressively clean.

The taxi driver and I had a very engaging conversation on this day about a range of subjects – fascinating. If the driver is open for a conversation (they usually are) I know it will be an interesting conversation, usually with the opportunity to learn something new. Like everyone, they have a story to tell and with a few questions a joyous and informative conversation can develop.
I am in little doubt that every one of them could write a book that would be hugely engaging and a great read. Occasionally, they discover that I am a published author so we get onto the topic of how they could create their own book as well.
As we were nearing my destination I remarked on this white, shiny and wonderfully clean taxi. Another engaging story started.
Once we had stopped, our conversation continued until I realised it was time to go for my meeting. The driver was happy for me to take a picture, the one you see here, as I eventually left and they could attract their next fare.
A little later in the day I was reflecting on my conversation with the driver of the white cab. I also remembered how the cab caught my attention and I am sure, the attention of others.
Sometimes simplicity stands out.
Late in the day I deliberately looked around for other taxis of differing colours. I could see that all of them had writing on them; often logos too - designed with the objective of catching attention and marketing something, yet often illegible at distance, speed or when one is too close.
This led onto my thinking about the wonderful colours of Insights Discovery, that mean so much to so many of us. At times, our own palette of colours can offer ourselves and others such a valuable mix of behavioural preferences. However, at times there may just be too much going on, too much ‘noise’ in the colours, creating distraction and ‘illegibility’.
I was left mulling on these thoughts:

  • When are we playing too many colours into the mix?
  • Is our own message ignored, just like much of the narrative on the colourful taxis?
  • When does simplicity really stand out?

Now that got me really wondering!

My best wishes,