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Ride The Wave Of Success

One of the joys about working in a team is developing something where effort is rewarded equally when success moves from improbable, to possible to inevitable.

It usually means people need to play to their strengths, or be aware that they lack some ability but rising to the challenge all the same; making things happen. Creating some personal stretch and development – building confidence for the next ‘out of zone’ stretch that will lie ahead.

Sometimes we have to get on and do a task, or achieve a goal, by ourselves. I instantly think of study and examinations – no one else is allowed in the examination room to help answer the questions when the paper is opened. But often there was a kindly parent sliding a welcomed sandwich onto our desk, a cup of something a little later. An abrupt word when the sunshine or a game of sport was sought but at the wrong time. A supportive word from a partner, as the candle burns low. The professor’s guiding words.

When success is achieved the joy is often shown in the hands – clapping, waving, shaking, raising, ‘high-fives’, or one group I am in it’s ‘high-tens’. Those in ‘support mode’ are delighted; those in the team build stronger bonds and create organisational stories.

One of the beauties about undertaking Profiling, such as Insights Discovery, is you know who is on your team. Perhaps how they will act or react to the challenge. You will also know what may be great developmental stretching – rather than always playing to the known.

So when next you see hands celebrating a success – do you really know who is on your team?

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