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Orange gets noticed, do you?

In my last article I mentioned the quiet yet impressive passion flower. Well, I have been keeping a watchful eye on this plant over the past few weeks and it has been interesting to see how it has changed.

I walked past this morning and there are still a few flowers clear to see. Their subtle colours look so attractive. There are also a few passion fruits still left on the plant too. The picture you can see is of a very impressive fruit that is anything but small. Clearly wishing to make a show and stand out from the much more modestly coloured flowers. It has a very distinctive colour – defiant and wishing to be noticed.

Insights Discovery uses the power of colour language to explain and illustrate the types of behavioral preference that we, as humans, display. A mix, a blend, a palette, that is unique to each of us. In the case of the passion flower it has green and blue, or to use the correct Insights Discovery colour language, Earth Green and Cool Blue. These colour energies represent introversion. The opposite colour energies are Fiery Red and Sunshine Yellow, which represent extroversion – and yes, when combined they create orange, which represents the Motivator part of the Insights Discovery Wheel. One of the extra four, created by blending the four colour energies.

I have often been thinking about this amazing plant that I have regularly passed. Deliberately taking note, and a few moments to stop, and investigate what has been going on with the plant. Watching it grow, watch it develop as the seasons have changed. It has become an interesting metaphor.

The introversion of Earth Green and Cool Blue, quietly getting on doing what they do. Not making a fuss.

The flower that when looked at is so fascinating, intricate, yet missed by so many as they rush past. The work of nature barely being noticed.

The protection afforded to allow the fruit to grow. And when the fruit was ready, the sudden way it changed, within what seemed like no time, from a pale green to this stunning orange. The fruit almost seeming larger than life for such a flimsy bush.

The orange that did attract attention from people as they passed.

The delicate flower still going unnoticed.

The question that surfaced in my mind resonated with the book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking - Susan Cain

How often do we fail to appreciate the ‘quiet work’ that is done yet all too quickly praise the noticeable?

Insights Discovery can teach us so much, if we take the time. Yet how often do we really take the time to value the ‘quiet’ rather than rush into content free  ‘talking’?

Soon enough the orange fruit will fall, yet the green of the bush will remain...quietly working away to create the next crop. Just think - what could you achieve in the quieter, darker months if you took the time for some quiet work on yourself, your team and your business?

Perhaps something that could help differentiate you from the crowd.

My best wishes,