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Making time for learning

Since the last article I have been to a conference in Amsterdam especially for Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioners. This provided the opportunity to learn more about the way I can work with Discovery, share thoughts with others, relearn things that I had forgotten. As there were people from 14 other countries present, it is a great way to see what cultural diversity can also bring to the party of learning.

There is never the perfect slot in our diaries to ‘take time out’ yet when we do it is usually so valuable. Partly from the topic of the conference, partly from the people we meet, partly from the space being away from base allowing thoughts to bubble to the surface.

I am a great walker and love nothing more than seeing what is around the next corner, be that in the wild, or in a city. The hotel I was staying at was right next to the canals and some very old houses, so a perfect location to explore. I have been to Amsterdam many times and never tire of the city, and the sights to see. As it was late in the year, and on the day I took this picture it was dizzily and grey, these wonderful coloured bicycles in the picture stood out.

This tuned me into the wonderful colours that we use in Insights Discovery, but I think they stood out mostly because the usual bicycle in the Netherlands is black. To see three so brightly painted made me wonder if they were a family who had decided to take a break in a nearby café.

It is not easy to see, yet I suddenly noticed that the bikes do not have any brakes or brake cables. On investigation this was not just the red bicycles – I spoke with some Dutch people and found out how they stop, interesting, and perhaps something for a future article.

After a few days of learning it was wonderful to reflect on the way my mind had changed, through the learning, and making the effort to take time ‘out’ of a busy schedule. Tuning in to things that were different from my ‘usual’.

So how often do you take time out for some great new learning? Perhaps you would start to notice things, which in the rush of the routine, go unnoticed?

It certainly made me value my learning and commit to creating the opportunities to step away from my comfort zone more often. I am now busy brushing up my German for a Business School conference in Munich.

My good wishes for your next year of learning – if you think I can help do get in touch.