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Lifting our eyes to a distant horizon

Sometimes a change of scenery can really help one to clear our mind of the clutter that sometimes seems to clog it up. A change of perspective helps create new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of seeing things.
After spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen, of late, I was starting to get tired – both of body and mind. I knew it was time for a change.
Whilst I do make sure I maintain the good practise of moving and stretching after a period of time in one position; taking appropriate breaks away from the computer, and desk; doing eye exercises. Also using glasses, that reduce the damaging blue light, that all screens emit.
I knew it was time for a more considered break - usually that is heading outside, and ideally up a hill.
I was keen to see a distant horizon, albeit, as I do not live close to the sea, a trip to the cliffs, or a beach was not really an option. I was also keen to have a good walk and not endure a long road trip either. As I had been sitting for long periods of time, that last thing I wanted was to sit behind the wheel of a car.
So, I headed to the hills which I am blessed to live nearby. I knew the weather was going to be changeable, and so it proved, but that is a great part of being outside enjoying the feeling of being ‘alive’.
As you can see from the picture there was a stunning sky, with glimpses of the deeper blue where no cloud inhibited the sight of the high atmosphere. Yet lower down, almost at eye level, clouds were hanging in the sky, positively plump in places. The distant hazy horizon is more than 50km away; trees in the lower near ground just starting to take on the autumnal tinge; soon the leaves will have fallen.
This is a wonderful time of year. I enjoyed the stiff breeze that rose off the plains to bring freshness, vitality and colour to my cheeks – perfect! Exactly what I wanted. I felt alive.
I would add that behind me was a huge, threatening dark grey cloud, clearly providing a downpour some distance away.
Usually, when I am outside on a day like this, on the hills, I easily clear my mind of all other things. I look, listen. I enjoy the moment. I let my mind clear. Always, the little things that have been teasing, and playing on my mind, seem of little consequence, evaporating, when a big picture such as this is there to savour. Always gaining a new perspective.
One thing struck me about this picture, is the clearness of the tufts of grass at my feet, the clarity of the distant hill dappled in sunlight, with a few people standing at the top. The way the haze starts to blur things in the far distance – yet all is clear enough to enjoy.
This got me thinking. One area of Insights Discovery that tends to get less attention, certainly in the early stages of explaining things, are the topics of sensation and intuition. Sensation deals with all matters that our five senses capture; often explaining that this can provide us with the experience of living in the present time, the ‘here and now’, providing our view of ‘what is’. Whereas intuition is more about the bigger picture, the future view, possibilities, the longer view of ‘what could be’.
I was mulling this over for a while after I took the picture, in fact, so much so, that I found a place to sit, stop, stare. In my rucksack I had lunch, so I unpacked something to eat. From my flask I poured some hot spiced berry cordial - a wonderful foil against the chill wind. I was well wrapped up, and warm. My eye stretched to the distance.
Using the aspect of intuition, I started to review what was my own distant horizon, or to put it another way, what were my longer-term plans?
Certainly, it was an appropriate time to think as we are surfacing from the lockdowns. Following on from the restriction and challenges that the pandemic has caused over the past 18 months. Clients, and people I know, are now starting to return to the office, perhaps only one or two days per week, but they are returning. Businesses reviewing their work patterns; indeed, their way of working and whether the new plans are right. I am sure paying notice to how positive their people are, and their contribution. It is clear that this will seed a time for change.
On my way along the ridge, after my lunch, I felt revitalised. I had made some notes and when I reviewed these, I was so much clearer on what I needed to do in the ‘here and now’; I also had some great new thoughts about ‘what could be’.
Taking a few hours out proving so useful, it always does. A reminder to do it more often.
When did you last take time out to look at the distant horizon and develop thoughts of ‘what could be’; do you have clarity of what needs doing in the ‘here and now’?
My best wishes,