Peter Johnson & PiM

Insights Discovery & Deeper Discovery Licensed Practitioners

Let Your True Colours Shine Through

The Land Rover Defender, as it became known later in its life, is a strong working vehicle. It had few creature comforts when compared with a modern car. It was also mostly supplied in fairly subtle colours for the main market in the UK – colours such as a light green, light blue, or a dark green. Well these are my memories as long as I have known these working vehicles on farms and country estates. Colour suited its lifestyle, and location – colours that fitted in.

With Insights Discovery – the wonderful colours of fiery red, cool blue, earth green and sunshine yellow create a rich blend in our Discovery Profiles, showing who we are. (If you have yet to experience the power of the Insights colour energies and wish to do make contact.)

The power of these colours, when we see and understand their intensity in our own unique Discovery Profile, are valued gifts indeed. They become still more valuable when we share and understand each other through this wonderful palette of colourful energy.

It is knowing when they need to ‘fit in’ and when they need to ‘stand out’ that is a vital part of our own development and contribution.

So, unlike the Land Rover, we may at times wish to stand out from the crowd and be seen. Our mixture of colours adding value to the conversation, discussion or even lively debate - so we can help influence the best decision for ourselves, our team, our organisation. And crucially, ensuring other people’s opinions are heard and valued too.

So do let you colours stand out – be the ‘authentic you’ because of the gifts you can share.

But just as a mud splatter Land Rover with sheep in the back, straw in the foot wells and a working dog on the passenger seat may be okay on the farm, it may not quite be the most appropriate vehicle if you are leaving an event in your finest evening attire. So love your colours, yet know when a slightly lighter shade may be more suited to the occasion too.

And be awesome,