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How much have you changed?

The autumnal equinox arrived a few days ago, marking the end of summer. As one season moves to the next there are acknowledged changes a new season brings. Here in England, a few delightfully sunny, and warm days have teased us outside to enjoy the brightness and joy of late summer. Yet when the day draws to a close, the dark nights arrive too soon, the temperature drops.
With the noticeable changes in the way the day feels there are many changes to see. Nature marching to the pattern of the seasons.
The wonderful coloured vine in the picture, which only days earlier was a mass of green, now has the vibrancy of autumn red. The leaves changing colour, then casting themselves to the ground to provide a wonderful carpet of joyous colour. I like to leave them on the ground for as long as possible, especially if dry, to enjoy the colour and see the birds flicking them up to discover tasty morsels that hide beneath.
In the world of Insights Discovery colours have meaning. The two colours in the picture, red and green, are opposites, but do notice how much in harmony they work in nature.
The work of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl G Jung, that provides the foundation of Insights Discovery, is at play here, in a different way. Jung identified the ‘attitudes’ and ‘functions’ of human behaviour, when combined create eight ‘types’. He also noticed that there was a ninth type, which he called the ‘creative type’.
This creative type is not one that indicates an artistic creativity such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Shakespeare, Rodin. No, the ninth type is where there is at play a lead countered by an opposite.
With Insights Discovery the colour energies that are opposite are Blue and Yellow; Green and Red. Or to use the full Insights Discovery colour language Cool Blue, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green, Fiery Red.
The creative types are therefore those that lead with one colour energy, the second colour energy is the opposite.
This is why the vine caught my attention…well the thoughts surfaced while I was out for a quiet walk. I deliberately used the term ‘quiet walk’ as I was not speaking with anyone, no ear buds, or worse, headphones connected to my mobile device. Unconnected, I enjoyed the wide-open space of nature - luxuriating under a vast blue sky dappled with the merest touch of white cloud.
I make no judgement of the connected ways of others but I only heard three people, who I then saw in the distance – all three were shouting into the gentle breeze to make someone hear at the other end of the call they were making. Soon enough, I was back into the tranquillity of nature, the clicking chirp of the wagtail, the powerful sound of the flying swans, the slight buzz of the bees underfoot as they sought the nectar from the carpet of yellow flowers.
Colour everywhere. Colours to enjoy.
In the past year or so, since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed far more ‘creative types’ in the Insights Discovery Profiles I have been producing. I have not made this a scientific research study – although I am tempted as I have been researching creativity for many years. No, this is merely an observation of the thousand plus profiles I have run, knowing that there are more creative types surfacing than usual. Interesting.
I am guessing this is due to the changes in the way many of us have adapted in our work, in our lives. Often a forced adaptation, rather than one of choice, thrusting new challenges in the way we work; in the way we have to accommodate those who are close to us.
So, where the lead colour may be red colour energy, the second becomes green colour energy – and vice versa. This applies with blue colour energy where the second colour energy becomes yellow – and vice versa. I will not go into the detail of what the specifics of this means (I am happy to explain in detail should you wish).
What this has made me wonder is how can we positively embrace the opportunity of change when it is thrust upon us? Importantly, have those people we interact with noticed a difference in the way the both act and react? Have we noticed a change in them?
I stress there may well be many positive benefits from this. I do stress that this may have created some additional challenges, or friction points, that need delicate handling.
If we have noticed a change in ourselves and/or others, how have we dealt with this? With some of those people would a good sharing conversation be useful? I think it may. Growth is in the stretch zone, and gosh I am sure many of us have been stretched!
Perhaps switch off the distractions and take a few moments to consider how you may have changed. The anecdotal evidence I have seen is that we may well have changed more than we realise.
My best wishes,