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Hidden quiet power

When one stands next to a dam that has been constructed to create a reservoir one realises just how large they are. Just how strong they must be. Just how much work went into creating the structure. Perhaps an obvious statement, but many of the people I spoke with on this day were struck by the vastness.
The building of this dam started 120 years ago, taking over 1 million tonnes of stone and more that 2,700 workers to complete. And still it stands today, providing the supply and reserves of water for major cities.
I worked in the water industry for part of my career and was always struck by the scale of the engineering needed to provide the services that so many take for granted. Much designed and built during the reign of Queen Victoria, still providing valued service to this day. (The last major reservoir built in the UK was Carsington which I visited around the time it was commissioned in 1991.)
On this day I enjoyed getting up close to this structure. All too often they are only seen from a distance, or on the television when there is a risk of a water shortage due to a prolonged period of hot weather, and little or no rainfall.
At the other extreme when the reservoirs are full, and the rain persists, this type of dam allows ‘overtopping’ when the excess water rushes over the top and cascades down the visible dam wall. It is very impressive, and noisy. I have stood by many a dam when this is happening, knowing that behind the high wall there is a huge mass of stored water. You may have glimmers from your science lessons of the power of water, and the huge energy that is stored behind this dam wall when the reservoir is full.
So how does this all fit with Insights Discovery, leaders, and crucially, people who successfully manage things?
Perhaps the water that escapes over the top of the dam making quite a splash, as it rapidly travels on its way, can be likened to some people where visible action abounds. Yet when the splashing has finished the real work of being steadfast and sure comes into play. For when the dam is restraining a full reservoir, much power and stability is needed. It may not look as spectacular yet the vast resources are controlled, only allowed to escape when needed.
So a few slightly ‘teasy’ questions:

  • Who is making a splash but all too soon have moved on to the next thing?
  • Who is standing there strong and stable not making a fuss?
  • Who is providing a steady flow of valuable contribution, drawing on their resources?

Who has reached a stage where they have given so much that their resources are starting to become depleted?
Some valuable thoughts as you consider your team, your colleagues, yourself.
If you are familiar with Insights Discovery, and the power of the colour energies, you may start to reflect on who is indeed making a major contribution, albeit less obviously. And are you recognising that contribution before the reservoir of energy or goodwill runs dry?
I can certainly think of people who, from a distance may seem less significant - just like the dam from afar. Yet close up their silent strength is so powerful. Their steadfastness so reassuring, and their reserves are hidden the other side of the ‘wall’ only flowing when needed.
Like the dams they start to blend into their landscape…however, take them for granted at your peril.
Hmmm, I hope food for thought…then action.
My best wishes,