Peter Johnson & PiM

Insights Discovery & Deeper Discovery Licensed Practitioners

Hidden in the mist

The early morning mist was lying low on the field I was walking across. It was magical to get almost lost in the cold cocoon as I walked. Whilst the ground was covered in a thick frost, and the air had a tingling nip to it, a more prefect start to a day would be difficult.
I spotted the full moon sliding down the bright skyscape as the dawn turn into day; soon it disappeared from view, dipping into the mist so one could no longer see the soft white circle against the cool blue sky.
A day certain to start with rich sunlight. All too soon the mist disappearing to leave a clear view.
I was loving the solitude, barely aware of any sound. Any sound there was soon lost into the grey and white opaqueness.
I have recently been creating more pieces of artwork, all abstract and drawn from a place deep inside. Created in much the same way that I encourage some of my clients to create their business vision, and strategic plan, in paint on canvas. Strangely, many of the pieces have been ethereal and ‘misty’ - I am sure merely due to the seasonal impact on my work.
As I was walking, I was musing in the mist that, all too often, when one looks at someone, whether in our world of work, or other parts of our life, our look is all too often superficial.
When looking into the mist little can be seen… until one really looks deeply and with intent. How often is the person we are interacting with given the time so we can ‘look’ that bit deeper? All too often we move on after a superficial interchange.
In this pandemic world that we have been experiencing for the past twelve months, how often have we made time to dig a little deeper? Many say they have but when one listens to the news too many are missing what they had, rather than valuing what they have. Frequently, the enthusiasm is to get back to normal – as I have said before, ‘normal’ got us into this mess.
Watch what happens when ‘the gates are open’ again.
One hears of the busyness…the pressure, the long days of back-to-back meetings, the presenter on the radio or TV yet again saying how tough everything is. For those on the front line of healthcare, and those serving the needs of many, their busyness and tiredness is, I am sure, true. …And yet, all of the people I have had contact with on the ‘front line’, they are the ones who seem to make the time to smile, question and show that they care. Interesting. Perhaps they know the value to look ‘into the mist’, and take just a few moments longer to look that bit deeper.
Part of the value in the world of Insights Discovery is making the effort to become aware of another person’s gifts that are so important, so valuable. Truthfully, we don’t always recognise and value these gifts straight away – indeed at times these unseen gifts may cause us some frustration! Yet when we take the time, make space in our busyness, and show the other person both respect, and that we value them too - that is when magic happens.
In the mist it was a powerful reminder of how much we have forgotten how to fully use our senses…all five of our senses. I think it is time to value what we have ignored. Time to reawaken as we come out of lockdown and realise what it means, truly means, to be ‘alive’.
On this misty and chill morning, the sun will persist and the mist will evaporate, creating crystal clarity. Now, if we applied the same patience and energy, think what amazing new colours, what amazing new insights we may value of the people we come into contact.
Perhaps if this coronavirus pandemic were that teacher I have mentioned previously, and one paid attention, there will be profound lessons for life.
So, what can you learn by looking into the ‘mist’ with more intent? And how many of your own senses are you truly using? Are you valuing in others the gifts that a mere superficial interaction will never surface?
My best wishes,