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Fiery red does get noticed

I was on my way back home, in the early evening, after an enjoyable day of learning.

It had been a long day, the mid summer evening still light, and it had been the hottest day of the year. I was in no rush – enjoying the last of the day and the wonderful views, due to the clear visibility, as I drove through the Cotswolds.

It is a fine part of England, and at this time of the year the fields are full of crops soon to be harvested. The warmth of the yellow stone walls blending well with the early hues of gold, as some of the crops start to ripen in the fields.

I had driven up a long hill and saw an expanse of rolling fields in the wide valley in front of me – one field stood out in the distance. It was red.

After a few miles of driving on the deserted road I came alongside the field. It was a field of grain, still green and the ears of corn plump, yet with a huge amount of poppies in full flower.

It may have been planted that way, it may have been a rouge batch of seed, which accidently contained poppy seeds. It may have been planted to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

My day had been with a wide range of business people from many parts of the world and during these days we enjoy a lot of shared conversation. Inevitably we discuss different aspects of business, and it always strikes me how valuable it is to know the different personality types. Both for the impact on developing effective people and teams – and critically how best to communicate with people I have only just met.

The Insights Discovery colour energies include Fiery Red and it was very clear that some of the people I met on that day did lead with Fiery Red colour energy, so the way to work with them is very different from their opposite type; which is Earth Green colour energy – the subject I touched on in the last article.

The colour energy of Fiery Red is often noticeable as it can be fast paced, determined, and like a field of poppies, visible and makes its presence noticed.

Also, we can see in the picture, the red and green blend well together, yet too often in our worlds there can be misunderstanding, or lack of appreciation of opposites. Something all too often I discover when I am working with people where they, or colleagues, are not valued. Certainly not blending well together to create something effective and valuable, as this field does.

Without digging too deep into the subject - get in touch to find out more - I will leave you with a passing thought: are your ‘colours’ being noticed for the right reason?

After a wonderfully reflective and enjoyable quarter of an hour admiring the impact of nature, the view, the unexpected wow on this summer evening, I drove off with a delightful uplifted feeling.

My good wishes,