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Earth green under threat

I walked past a wonderful box tree in my garden that is really making an effort to grow. The weather clearly suiting the wish for new growth – and I must say that the tree, all 50 centimetres of it, does look lush and healthy.

Too often we can, and I do, walk past and not pay much attention. Yet in the UK the box moth is overtaking us. The invasion has come from across the English Channel as it is not native to these shores. The moth lays eggs, and these turn into caterpillars that strip the tree of leaves, killing it. So my tree may soon be under threat, so I took a few pictures in case it falls victim.

As I was taking the picture it reminded me of the Insights Discovery colour energy of Earth Green.

One of the things that does irritate me about people who know only a very little about Insights Discovery, and like to label people, is that they can become single colour energy focussed. This is such a narrow view of someone, and the amazing gifts that they have to share.

I once heard a senior player in a business dismiss someone as not being able to do something because they were a certain ‘colour’. Not appreciating the mix of colour energies that the person could use.

Now if you look at the green leaves, yes they are green, but when you take a little more time to look you can see a variety of shades of green. From light to dark, some in the bright light, some hidden in the shade.

We all are different hues, different intensities. And crucially, dependent upon the situation we are in, we may choose to stand in the light, at other times we may choose a little shade.

So for this short article a question – do you just see the colour green, or do you see the variety of shades, all making the picture far more interesting? And how do you treat people? Especially if you have benefitted from the power of learning, and using, the Insights Discovery palette of colours. Do you appreciate their leading colour energy and the hue that casts, knowing that there are other colour energies also there to contribute?

Even if the box moth destroys my tree there will be other shades of green to enjoy elsewhere, but I do hope my tree survives as it has put so much effort in this year and does look spectacular – giving so much pleasure to those who notice it.

Do you notice what people can and will do, or do you pass by not paying much attention? My box tree my only be small but it has made me think!

My good wishes,