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Creating Flow

I was running an Insights Discovery workshop the other day with a delightful team. They were newly formed and wanted to quickly become an effective and high performing team so they could make a positive impact in their business.

Part of the day was taken with explaining and sharing knowledge about Insights Discovery – knowledge that could be used straight away. At an individual level and a business level.

As always it was great to see the moments of awakening and recognition that this highly accurate Profile provides. Some laughter, some nervous mutterings, as each person realises that the written word in their unique Profile has ‘got them’. Then the sharing, and discussion, about the wonderful gifts that they can play back into their business.

Sometimes I use art in the development of teams too. Now this can be a bit strange and seem like a frivolous waste of valuable time - I have found the reverse, as the impact can be profound – it can also make the speed of achieving something worthwhile, dramatically quicker. This is what we did on this day too.

A little over a year ago I was working with a different client and they achieved more after one short session, and some reflective time, in 10 days, than I have known some businesses take months to achieve. I am sure this client will do the same.

I used the basis of this work (from an artist friend of mine), and the process that I developed from it as part of my formal education – and whilst you may be wondering what the picture you can see is all about I can assure you it has a meaning. If you would like to know more do get in touch.

Over a few hours together there was much learning that I could see would be used in their business straight away. In fact as I was signing out, at the days end, I overheard a conversation in reception that made me smile - the colour language was starting to be used and flow into conversations. Both from Insights and from the painting.

This investment in the team provides a powerful message from the business that their people are valued.  I hope you and your people feel the same way.

My best wishes,