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Calm after the storm

There had been a prolonged period of heavy rain and storms that caused flooding in many parts of the United Kingdom. Nowhere near as devastating as in other parts of the world, that had been reported on the news around the same time though. Nor was this flood as damaging as it has been in many years, yet nonetheless impactful. The picture shows a horseracing course completed submerged to a depth greater that the white railings that mark the route for the jockeys – they are still in place under the water, remerging a few days later as the flow in the nearby river eased.
The day before the wind was strong and cold, churning the water up, creating uninviting brown waves. Yet this scene is tranquil, the temporary lake looking blue as it reflected the clear sky. Whilst still cold, it felt far less so with no wind to add to the chill.
I was captivated by the reflections which were so perfect. If the picture is turned through 180° the central part looks identical, albeit in reverse.
This got me thinking about what happens when we meet people…perhaps keeping with the example of calmness. Usually when we present ourselves as calm it is usual for other people to also present themselves as calm too. In some situations, I will agree that our calmness may not resonate with another person, this is rare though. For what is happening is the other person is reflecting what we have shared. Sometimes the other person may not have been that calm to start with, yet our demeanour has encouraged them to change.
Certainly, for many, times are trying, our own calmness perhaps helping them.
I looked at the scene for quite a time and as I wandered on my way, I wondered what the future could have in store. I know looking at the calm waters my eye was taken to the middle and distant points, yet the day before I was more concerned about what was happening much closer to the ‘shore’. The wind with the waves, the chill perhaps keeping me focussed on what was nearby. Now with clarity, I was looking into the distance.
I have been left wondering how this may impact on others I meet, either in work or other parts of my life. Am I remaining calm and enabling a more reflective approach with those people…or am I, at times, creating a little too much turbulence?
Food for thought.
My best wishes,