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Are you a Helper?

I was nearing the end of a wonderful late autumn walk, enjoying the burnished bronze colours of the leave that remained on the trees. It was so reminiscent of childhood to walk through the dry leaves on the ground too; crunching over the colourful carpet laid underfoot.
After a second year of restrictions, due to the pandemic that has touched so many, it is a reminder that nature, in this part of the world, is deciding to retreat, restore, regenerate; another busy year nearly over.
It was therefore strange to see this Mahonia bush amongst the trees. It certainly looked out of place amid all the autumnal colours. It made me stop and look. There was one in a previous garden, which made me remember, and stirred memories of happy times; planting it then watching it grow. After taking this picture I walked on. A week later I am still remembering the cocktail of colour, indeed I have reflected on these colours many times over the week.
In Insights Discovery the mix of the yellow and green is where the ‘feeling preference’ of Jung's typology is at its most intense. Often criticised by people with a strong ‘thinking preference’ of being indecisive, or at least slow to make and commit to decisions. But this is not to honour the difference each and every one of us brings to the world.
Over the past year it is a good job that we have many people who do have this rich combination of ‘colour energies’ – the yellow and green (or to use the Insights Discovery language, the combination of Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green colour energies). This combination in Insights Discovery is known as the Helper. Certainly, it is the tireless wish to help, to be of service, that has been so valuable in enabling our world spin on a new axis. Understanding the need the impact of the Covid pandemic has required.
Sadly, all too soon many have reverted to the ‘old ways’. The care, consideration and recognition of that help too soon overlooked; or worse, taken for granted, expected, appreciation ebbing away.
The recent UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 (Conference of the Parties) gained global attention for the ruinous impact that we are having on our planet. All too often helping ourselves to more, rather than helping each other more.
The conference was held at a hugely poignant time in our history - the pandemic created a focused opportunity to take stock. COP 26 falling at this time could, should, must be a catalyst for change - not mere talk. All of us have our part to play. Though for those barely scraping by in deprivation, in poor countries, it will of necessity, be absent on their agenda.
But what about in the people of the richer countries - us?

It is all too easy to say 'the richer countries must do more'. Countries do nothing! It is the people of those countries who can do something.

The rush of consumerism has just been fuelled by another buying fest - the annual Black Friday sales (which lasts dramatically longer than a single Friday). How little has seemingly changed, how little have we learnt?

The irony is that the day this article is published is the start of Advent in the Christian calendar. Historically a time of fasting...
Taking a few moments to enjoy the richness that nature offers, was a delight. It was a powerful reminder that the yellow and green, the helping hand nature keeps offering, is noticed, is valued.
Nature is doing all it can to repair the damage we humans are doing to this amazing planet. We are wrecking dramatically faster than nature can manage, can repair. Using the reminder of the blend of yellow and green – we need to be Helpers?
Are you a Helper?
My best wishes,