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A message from Paddington Bear

I passed a much-favoured shop that I have been visiting for many years. A shop where I always feel welcomed. A shop where I have purchased many things. Does the welcome make me return – certainly, and for good reasons.
On this day the shop was closed, as part of the Covid-19 ‘lockdown 2’ measures.
It is not unusual to see a Paddington Bear or two standing in the window, looking as proud as can be, bringing a smile to many of the people who pass by. As you can see in the picture, on this day all was familiar, and if I had been rushing past I may not have noticed anything more that the bears standing there proudly.
Whilst the one with the yellow hat has the usual light brown label of:




I soon noticed the facemask on the blue hatted friend, and then bent down to read the blue label, which read:



Many people were not noticing this in their haste; clearly others were, and a beaming smile and chuckle was enjoyed with their companions, before they carried on their way.
A serious message in a light-hearted way.
What I did find interesting was the choice of bear chosen to carry this message. For those familiar with the Insights Discovery colour energies – based on the psychology of Carl Jung - the colours of red and blue are Fiery Red and Cool Blue. These colours are linked to a ‘thinking’ preference – so a preference based on fact and evidence, detached and impersonal, objective and particular. Decisions based on head…on logic.
With regards to Covid-19 one of the key aspects of current decision making is judgement based on the science of the pandemic; the logic, the unemotional statistics, the analysis of virus spread - the term ‘rate of R’ becoming part of the lexicon of 2020.

More words that have become a part of regular language include ‘pandemic’, ‘unprecedented’, ‘furlough’, ‘lockdown’, ‘working from home’ and many more. Including, on a lighter note, ‘quarantina’ – a word created to describe a cocktail mixed from the strange, and forgotten, bottles at the back of drinks cupboards. But back to why the bears share a story.
To complete this part of Jung’s finding he identified two decision making functions that he defined as ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’.

To provide contrast, the 'feeling' preference is subjective and at times, illogical; it can appear informal and flexible. Decisions based on heart…on emotion.
The two complementing Insights Discovery colour energies for this feeling preference are Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow - so perhaps the little chap on the right needs a new coat in the wardrobe to satisfy the completeness of these four colours!
When working with people, utilising just this part of the power of Discovery, it can quickly identify why there is tension in some relationships, be they one to one, or team. If, and it is a big IF, this were embraced, the tension can be a positive catalyst to co-create something so much better than one ‘function’ alone. Often, it can be the turning point in relationships to appreciate other views that are different from our own.
I have no intention of making this a political article, whether with a small or a large letter ‘p’; the media is awash with people voicing their way as right, contradicting others rather than embracing the possibility that other views may have value. Hindsight is always so much clearer, a luxury that eludes us.
How often is the voice of 'right' used at home, at work, in fact in many other places too, when the when the 'embracing' ear may bring a better and more thought through outcome?
It is right at times for people to stand their ground because evidence or emotion can provide the best path to follow. The determination of people of logic, and people of emotion, have made things possible that seemed impossible.
Unwittingly these two bears have reminded me to take note of Jung’s voice and teaching. A voice and teaching that is so valuable for the present time. And as we approach the festive season of Christmas, and time of gifting to others, I wonder if this is indeed a present that could add so much to our relationships – personal and professional?

Now that certanly has the power to change things for the better.

My best wishes,