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A fiery red sunrise

I was fortunate to be taking an early morning walk whilst I was away, just as the sun rose over the distant mountain range and coast.

I turned to where the colour was the most intense and marvelled at the astonishing colour in the sky, and over the sea back towards the mainland.

I was surprised by just how much of the scenery had been tinged with the warmth of the red sky. Yet the chill wind was anything but warm.

I found the two aspects of this an interesting opposite. The whole picture looks warm yet the chill air made me feel cold. If this had been a tropical sunrise, which I have also experienced, warmth would have been present, the day ahead hot.

The saying ‘red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ does indicate that the day ahead may not be a welcoming one. And so it turned out. The sky started to cast a steely grey as I started my onward journey, the rain soon arrived and the chill of the day intensified.

As the day unfolded, the sky still held a hash beauty through the shades of grey.

I have shared this picture with a number of people and it is one I have been coming back to. And whilst taken only a few week ago, it makes me think more than many pictures I have taken.

In the world of Insights Discovery we may call this Fiery Red. Red often associated with heat, fire, action, pace. Yet when a second colour is introduced, Cool Blue, it will have the impact of adding in a coolness, perhaps becoming less emotional; certainly introducing more considered thought than emotion. Whilst devoid of ‘heat’, or warmth, it can have a powerful role to play. One of directness, one with fact, one of clarity, one of intensity. All of which have value when applied correctly, in the right situation.

Sometimes the opposite is needed to create a different impression or a different focus, or a challenge to make us think or re-think our 'take' on something. I am not saying that the differing approach is right. Indeed it may well be wrong - but, and this is a big but, it creates the creative tension and debate that so often co-creates something so much better. So much more considered.

Yet all too easily we may shy away from the debate and miss the opportunity of making something so much better. In contrast we look and admire the vibracy of the sky.

I think the reason that this picture has so much allure is the impact and intensity of the colours; ironically, as the wind was cold we can all too soon turn away.

It reminds me that sometimes directness with logic and little emotion has a place. Sometimes directness with warmth is needed - sometimes to stand and feel the chill of the debate is also needed. Do I get this right – often no, yet it does remind me to keep working at: when to cool things, when to provide the warmth and sometimes when to have pace. Is this something for you to consider too?

And each sunrise brings a new day, new opportunities, new experiences.

My good wishes to your new day,