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A different perspective

I remember taking a picture of this plant about a year ago, and posting a picture that showed the full view of the flower from above. When I saw the flower this year I stopped and had a much closer look – I was fascinated by the structure, and the wonder of this delightful bloom. The more I looked the more I noticed, and I eventually crouched down and saw this view from the side. There was so much more to see, including the fascinating structure of the flower, clearly designed to attract an insect, such as a bee, and ensure that it is coated in pollen from the yellow part above. Such a great design, but we all know how clever nature is.
This year, in particular, we have all had to contend with travelling far less due to impact of Covid-19. It is clear that nature has responded by showing us just how much damage our impact has on the world. The air cleaner, the skies and views so much clearer, road kill so much less. Even in nearby bushes, where normally there are a few birds, I am sure there are more than double this year. I hope the naysayers, who think the negative effect we are having on our planet is a myth, will eventually wake up.
Anyway, that is a separate matter from the point I was coming to.
When we meet someone how often does one make a decent attempt to really get to know, and appreciate them? I would not suggest crouching down and examining them from different angles, as I was doing with the flower! I think that may cause an unintended reaction.
No, where my thinking was going is I know that all too I often see the initial image, then base my thoughts on that impression, sometimes at quite a shallow level. With Insights Discovery, the wonderful instrument that helps us value personality and behaviour, we have the opportunity to ‘look’ so much deeper. This always is the case when I am sharing an Insights Discovery Profile with someone, or a team, for the first time.
There is that first ‘view’, yet when we start to look properly into the Profile, the more we find out. When the Profile is used to ask questions, and dig a little deeper, always so much more starts to become evident. Does it take longer and a little effort – of course - but not that much more.
Much is to do with the information the Profile provides, yet new aspects surface, attributes come into focus, all because we make that extra effort to find out more, to look a little deeper. To care. To look beyond the surface; to change our ‘angle’.
And remember, one of the biggest gifts and signs of respect one can receive, is when someone took the time to show interest in you. Remember how that felt?

Returning to the flower. I went on my way having enjoyed the simplicity, and pleasure, of stopping for a little longer; looking and appreciating the complexity of the flower, that blooms for such a short time. Sometime later I looked at the picture again and noticed new things, I guess I was looking with eyes that had seen the flower initially, now keen to discover more. I have shared the picture we a few people, and a photographic magazine. One comment made was it looks like a ballerina. I’ll leave you to decide if it is worth a second look.
This flower reminded me that taking a little extra time always pays dividends; dividends far greater than the time spent. I need to remind myself that this also applies when I meet someone, whether for the first time, or if they have become more familiar – that extra little time will, I am sure, reveal a new angle.
Hopefully, one of the lessons that Covid-19 has taught us is to value what we have; and take a little more time to look a little deeper appreciating the value in the other person. Remember how that may make them feel - valued.
My best wishes,